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COVID-19 Protocol

In response to COVID-19, Rex Lott Photography has updated our studio policies and implemented measures to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. These include:

  • Reduced Capacity. 

  • Hand Sanitizer available for talent and employees.

  • Air Purifiers with UV-C Sanitizers in the Photo Studio, Makeup Room, and Bathroom.

  • Makeup Artist will be wearing mask at all times and wash hands after interactions with talent. Photographer and other staff members will gladly wear masks upon request.


Our Makeup Artist, Bridie Coughlan, has completed a course on IPAC (Infection Protection and Control) and updated measures to implement procedures ensuring a safe workplace for both talent and artist. These include:

  • Maintaining artist PPE - mask

  • Increased amount of single use disposable tools 

  • Vigilant organization to prevent cross contamination 

  • Upgraded sanitation methods for tools and products including strict disinfection between clients and high level sterilization at the end of each shoot day

  • Implementing more sanitary methods of product use (no double dipping) and investing in products that can easily be transferred to a sanitary pallet

  • Limiting traffic around artist workspace

  • Strictly enforcing that no food, drink or personal items such as cellphones to be placed on artist workspace to prevent contamination 

  • Talent is not permitted to touch any item on artist workspace to prevent contamination 

  • Both artist and talent will perform hand hygiene prior to service 

  • Artist has completed IPAC training course

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