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COVID-19 Protocol

In response to COVID-19, Rex Lott Photography has updated our studio policies and implemented measures to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. These include:

  • Reduced Capacity. No more than 2 talent in the studio at a time.

  • Hand Sanitizer available for talent and employees.

  • Air Purifiers with UV-C Sanitizers in the Photo Studio, Makeup Room, and Bathroom.

  • Staff Members will be wearing masks at all times and wash hands after interactions with talent.

  • The space is sanitized between each client.


Our Makeup Artist, Bridie Coughlan, has completed a course on IPAC (Infection Protection and Control) and updated measures to implement procedures ensuring a safe workplace for both talent and artist. These include:

  • Maintaining artist PPE - mask, face shield, and gloves 

  • Increased amount of single use disposable tools 

  • Vigilant organization to prevent cross contamination 

  • Upgraded sanitation methods for tools and products including strict disinfection between clients and high level sterilization at the end of each shoot day

  • Implementing more sanitary methods of product use (no double dipping) and investing in products that can easily be transferred to a sanitary pallet

  • Limiting traffic around artist workspace

  • Strictly enforcing that no food, drink or personal items such as cellphones to be placed on artist workspace to prevent contamination 

  • Talent is not permitted to touch any item on artist workspace to prevent contamination 

  • Both artist and talent will perform hand hygiene prior to service 

  • In the makeup chair, talent will be required to wear a mask during hair service and eye makeup application. Artist will instruct talent when it is appropriate to remove mask to complete makeup application

  • Artist has completed IPAC training course

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